InfinitiInfiniti EX37 by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Primarily Japanese specializes in both domestic and import auto repair. Infinitis are an exceptional vehicle from foreign soil. This capable and reliable vehicle is destined to be on the road for many more years, and it is our job to keep it there. We offer premier Infiniti repair and Infiniti service to car owners throughout Tucson, AZ.

Regarding the auto industry, we are truly a diamond in the rough. We go above and beyond for our clients, specifically when it comes to Infiniti repair and Infiniti service. When we began our business, we were extremely passionate about how we would change this industry. We were not going to take advantage of our clients. Our team will understand that our customers are synonymous with paychecks. There will be no hidden fees, and we will do our absolute best to adhere to your budget. If we make a mistake, we will fix it.

Above all, we put our heart into Primarily Japanese, and we believe it shows. Here is a recent 5-star review about our Infiniti repair and Infiniti service:

“What a great find for my Infiniti. It needed help, and Rick was more than willing to take the time and patience to explain necessary repairs v. future repairs. Everyone was so very courteous and kind, and most of all helpful! Primarily Japanese will be a "staple" in our family!!”

Our waiting room is comfy, cozy, and clean. Our team will also pick up and drop off your vehicle, as along as you schedule it. To schedule an appointment for Infiniti repair or Infiniti service, call us at 520-447-3181. Primarily Japanese is located at 600 N. Stone Avenue in downtown Tucson.