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When Is the Perfect Time to Service Your College Kid’s car?

At Primarily Japanese, we think any time is the perfect time to service your college kid’s car, but preferably when your kids are in the Tucson and the Foothills area and they don’t need the car for commuting. Auto repair by our highly-motivated and efficient auto mechanics can happen whenever your kids are home. Here are a few of the best times.

Spring Break is a really great time to service your college kid’s car. Many kids have more than a week off, plus the weekends, too. So for something quick like an oil change, why not schedule a time to bring in that car with Primarily Japanese and our excellent auto repair specialists? We want your entire family’s vehicles to be reliable, and that applies to your kids’ cars, too. If they’re driving around in the Tucson and the Foothills area, you want to make sure they’re safe.

For many schools, Thanksgiving is more than a day or two off. That’s a perfect time to service your college kid’s car. They probably don’t think about turkey and gravy the entire time they’re home, but they might want to rest from their rigorous schedule at school. Give us some time to check out the strange rattles that your kid has been complaining about, and make sure it’s nothing serious. If they drove over a rock or hit a curb in the Tucson and the Foothills area, the technicians at Primarily Japanese can help with that.

Christmas and New Years are two other times that are perfect to service your college kid’s car. Sometimes this break can last for an entire month, so that gives Primarily Japanese auto mechanics plenty of time to service that vehicle.

In short, any time when your kid is at home and not using their car is a good time to service their car.  Because we want you to be a part of our extended family, that goes for your kids, too. Primarily Japanese has a nationwide 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty so that your family can feel safe no matter where you or kids are, you can feel safe. Contact us if you have questions or schedule an appointment online. Primarily Japanese is at 600 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705.

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