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Survival Tips for Your Car During Soaring Heat

For people who are new to the Tucson area, they are often shocked at how extreme our summer temps can get. We locals have dealt with temperatures over 100 degrees for a long time, and we have learned to deal with it. Here are some survival tips for your car during the soaring heat of Summer:


Test your car battery regularly. High temperatures can drain the life of your battery more quickly. You may have seen this with your cell phone and mobile devices. Same goes for your car battery. To make sure your car battery is not drained, test the battery regularly and keeping the top of the battery clean.


Protect your paint. If you regularly wax your vehicle or apply a paint protection sealant, your paint color will be better protected under the sizzling sun. Wax and paint sealers will help your red car stay red, rather than turn into a faded version. For best results, be sure to apply wax regularly.


Seek out shade. Shady spots will keep the interior temperatures of your vehicle a bit lower than if it were in broad sunlight. This should go without saying, but please, do not leave children, pets, or perishable goods in your vehicle unattended, even if you’re parked in the shade.


Find cover. Whether you park your vehicle in a garage or under a custom car cover, you can protect your vehicle from summer’s heat by covering it up. The cover of a parking garage and fitted car blankets act like sunblock for your vehicle’s paint. Trust us when we say your vehicle will be cooler if you find cover from the summer sun.


Crack your windows open. Regardless if you’re in the shade or full sun, consider lowering your car windows to prevent the waterproofing seals from fusing to the window glass. Leaving your windows cracked an inch or two will create enough space to vent the hot air. The vehicle’s interior will be less prone to cracking and fading, too, if you allow that extra hot air to escape.


Cover your windows. Whether you permanently apply tinted windows or put removable windshield sunshades on your dashboard, sunshades will help keep your vehicle’s interior cooler year round. For areas like Tucson, tinted windows and windshield sunshades are must-haves for many vehicle owners.


Schedule regular service. Did you know that extreme temperatures are very hard on vehicles? Whether it’s a harsh summer or a super-frozen winter, you can protect your vehicle the best with regularly scheduled service and repair. Regular vehicle maintenance will make certain your fluids maintain their correct levels of viscosity, that your engine is not at risk of overheating, and your tires are properly inflated to endure the raging temps.


If you need help keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape during Tucson’s sizzling summer months, we’ll be glad to help at Primarily Japanese. Though our name states we primarily work on Asian vehicles, we’ll be happy to service or repair any domestic or foreign vehicle you own. To get started, either schedule your appointment online, or call us at 520-447-3181.

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