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Steering and Suspension and Wheel Alignment is Important for Mountain Driving

If you’ve spent time driving in the Tucson and the Foothills area like the Primarily Japanese auto mechanics, you know how critical steering, suspension and wheel alignment is for mountain driving. Our customers in the Tucson and Foothills area at Primarily Japanese see different kinds of auto repairs than people who only drive in areas with no hills.

Our Tucson and the Foothills area covers a lot of varied terrains, with rocks, sand, and steep roads a part of the driving experience. Steering, suspension and wheel alignment are all part of the preparation for mountain driving. Let’s take them one at a time.

Steering is important on mountain roads because momentum can cause unexpected things to happen while you’re driving. Speeding up and slowing down suddenly can wreak havoc on your steering. The technicians who take care of your steering at Primarily Japanese want to make sure your vehicle can handle the curves on while you’re driving in the mountains.

Besides the steering, the suspension and wheel alignment is also critical for mountain driving. If you’ve ever driven in a car with bad suspension, you can almost feel like you’re in a squishy overstuffed chair on wheels. That’s not such a good experience to have when you’re driving in the mountains.

As to why wheel alignment is as important as steering and suspension in mountain driving, you will know how fundamental it is if you’ve ever hit a curb or rock. Wheel alignment can affect so many things on your vehicles, such as fuel efficiency and even tire wear. We at Primarily Japanese know a lot about driving in the mountains, and we’d love to maintain your vehicle.

By now you probably see how steering, suspension and wheel alignment are all critical for mountain driving. At Primarily Japanese, getting your car in shape to drive in the mountains around the Tucson and the Foothills is one of our main concerns. Contact us if you have questions or schedule an appointment online. Primarily Japanese is located at 600 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705.

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