We Are Open! Steps Primarily Japanese is taking during this crisis:

- Wiping down keys, steering wheels and other areas of the car that are commonly touched during normal operation as well as spraying down with disinfectant
- No contact drop off, no waiting allowed

- Our technicians are wearing new gloves when they are getting into your vehicle throughout the time that we are working on it
- Pick Up and Delivery Service Available
- Accepting payment over the phone and online
- Shuttle service not currently available

Not All Check Engine Lights Are Created Equal

You can’t go to Auto Zone and do self-analysis with your check engine light.  For proper service, you need to go in and inspect it before replacing parts.  We use updated computers to give accurate assessments.

What do the auto mechanics at Primarily Japanese mean when we say that not all check engine lights are created equal? You might not be thinking of auto repairs as you’re driving around the Tucson and Foothills area, but suddenly your check engine light turns on! Uh-oh! You think it could be something simple, so you do a Google search. But as the auto mechanics at Primarily Japanese will tell you, a simple search won’t cut it these days. Neither will a visit to the local parts shop.

A check engine light is merely the umbrella under which a lot of different errors might live. We at Primarily Japanese have the modern, updated equipment and computers to help you. While we applaud anyone in the Tucson and Foothills area who wants to understand how their vehicles run, without updated computers an accurate assessment is not possible. Your car is trying to communicate with you, and a check engine light can indicate any number of problems. Please don’t ignore what your car is trying to tell you.

Now you could try to assess the situation yourself, but at Primarily Japanese we see that as gambling. And if your car breaks down because a gamble didn’t pay off, then your engine is in danger. If your engine is in danger, then your safety is at risk. One little check engine light can have so many different meanings in the auto repair world.

If you’re in the Tucson and the Foothills areas and your check engine light comes on, please come in as soon as you can. We’re confident that we can help you. Our trained auto mechanics want to resolve the issue that your check engine light represents. We want you to be as safe as you possibly can be in your vehicle. For your convenience, we can shuttle you in our Scion, or direct you to the Enterprise Rental Car Agency down the road. Let us treat you like family. We’re the go-to repair shop for the Tucson and the Foothills area. Contact us if you have questions or schedule an appointment online. Primarily Japanese is at 600 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705.

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