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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Call a Mechanic?

Our clients at Primarily Japanese in the Tucson and the Foothills region often ask us “How do you know when it’s time to call a mechanic? The auto mechanics at Primarily Japanese would tell you that there are a few times that you might really be in need of auto repair. Even if you don’t need an auto mechanic immediately, it’s always a good idea to call.

A new noise is not always a cause for alarm, but here at Primarily Japanese, we like to err on the side of caution. Sometimes a strange noise can be a squeaky door and other times it can be something more sinister. Rumblings, rattlings, and growlings are all noises that you want to take seriously. And you certainly don’t want to be stranded in Tucson and the Foothills area simply because you didn’t want to make a quick call to a mechanic.

If your steering is suddenly wobbly, then you probably know it’s time to call a mechanic. Or if you see something strange, such as sparks in a place where you’ve never seen them before. If you see smoke coming out of your engine, you’ll want to call, too. And of course, any time one of the check engine lights turns on is a fine time to call Primarily Japanese. Think of the strange noises and sights as ways that your car might be trying to communicate with you. Coming into Primarily Japanese before your vehicle gets stranded is always an excellent idea. We service all kinds of Japanese cars around the Tucson and the Foothills region. Our auto repair technicians are ready to tackle any strange noise or wobble in your car.

Any time your car does something strange that’s beyond your expertise, give us a call. In particular, if that noise or wobble is dramatically different, just back away from the car before getting out the wrenches. We here at Primarily Japanese treat our customers like family and want to ensure that your entire vehicle is in working order. Please let our auto mechanics check out your car. Contact us if you have questions or schedule an appointment online. Primarily Japanese is at 600 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705.

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