We Are Open! Steps Primarily Japanese is taking during this crisis:

- Wiping down keys, steering wheels and other areas of the car that are commonly touched during normal operation as well as spraying down with disinfectant
- No contact drop off, no waiting allowed

- Our technicians are wearing new gloves when they are getting into your vehicle throughout the time that we are working on it
- Pick Up and Delivery Service Available
- Accepting payment over the phone and online
- Shuttle service not currently available

Monthly Archives: August 2018

How to Keep Your Cool During Summer!

Some of the best ways to keep your cool this Summer - A/C, cooling fluid, sun visors, cracking your windows open, parking under shade, park under solar panels. If you’re in the Tucson and the Foothills area, the auto mechanics at Primarily Japanese would like to give you some ideas about how to keep your car cool during the summer. Auto repair can sometimes be complicated, but keeping your car cool during the summer doesn’t need to be. Around here in the Tucson and Foothills area, most people have air conditioning. You can direct the vents towards your face, but lots of people tell us they prefer pointing the vents towards their necks and arms instead. That might sound silly, but the air is already so dry here and having the A/C blowing directly on your face might be too much. Of course, don’t forget to have the coolant fluid checked by the Primarily Japanese auto technicians so that you can keep your car cool during the summer, too. At Primarily Japanese we see lo ... read more

Are Rats Eating Your Wiring?

If you’re in the Tucson & The Foothills area, you know that we have a huge problem with pack rats. Our auto mechanics at Primarily Japanese are very familiar with this type of auto repair. For some reason, rats find the soybean-based wiring casing delicious, and they especially love eating the wiring for Toyota vehicles. In theory, it’s funny to see a rodent inside your engine looking at you from the A/C vents in the dash. But in reality, rats can do a lot of damage. You certainly don’t want loose or broken wires inside your engine. And when you’re driving around the Tucson and Foothills area, you don’t want your car to suddenly stop because of a wire that some critter found delicious and decided to chew in half. If your car comes to a stop, there’s no telling where you might be out in the desert--nobody likes to feel unsafe or stranded. The rats are in the desert, hiding from predators, and there is food in the engine, and they feel safe. Sinc ... read more

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