• Primarily Japanese Helps Customers Comply With New Tail Light & Brake Light Law

    Thursday 07 July 2016

    In case you have not heard, Arizona has a new law that requires all brake and tail lights on your vehicle must work properly. Failure to comply could get you pulled over and ticketed. This new tail light law, HB 2509, will take effect on August 6, 2016.   Now is a good time to make sure all your brake lights -- including the third brake light -- are working properly. Bring all your vehicles to Primarily Japanese for a safety inspection and we’ll help your vehicle comply with the ne... read more

  • Survival Tips for Your Car During Soaring Heat

    Monday 06 June 2016

    For people who are new to the Tucson area, they are often shocked at how extreme our summer temps can get. We locals have dealt with temperatures over 100 degrees for a long time, and we have learned to deal with it. Here are some survival tips for your car during the soaring heat of Summer:   Test your car battery regularly. High temperatures can drain the life of your battery more quickly. You may have seen this with your cell phone and mobile devices. Same goes for your car battery. To... read more

  • How To Maximize the Life of Your Mini Cooper

    Monday 02 May 2016

    We dearly love Mini Coopers. In fact, we love them just as much as the Asian vehicles we repair and service at Primarily Japanese. They are like street-legal go-karts that are fun to drive. However, Mini Coopers are known for some common repair issues. Here are the top mechanical issues we commonly see in Mini Coopers:   Power window issues. Clutch failure. Pump failure in both steering and water pumps. Transmission issues. Thermostat housing leakage. Broken plastic front radiator... read more

  • April = Pre-Summer Automotive Inspections

    Friday 01 April 2016

    It’s April, and before you know it, your tax refund will be on its way (hopefully) and it’ll be 100 degrees in May. That is why we recommend pre-Summer check-ups for all of your vehicles to ensure you won’t be stranded in sizzling heat on the side of the road. April is the perfect time to make certain all of the vehicles in your household are operating safely.   Don’t let our name, Primarily Japanese, fool you. Our team works on most domestic and foreign vehicles... read more