Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable! The Primarily Japanese team has outstanding customer service. I greatly appreciated the comprehensive explanation of the condition of my vehicle and recommended services.

5 Primarily Japanese 10/12/2017

Everything great. On time, service went quickly, asked me about two item that needed attention, but optional at this time, and I had them done as well. Quick service on them. Everything was beyond satisfactory, I am delighted to get my car serviced by PJ.

5 Primarily Japanese 10/12/2017

The noise in the front end of the car was diagnosed to be a worn control arm bushing. The control arm was replaced and the noise has stopped. The shop is clean and orderly. The price for the service was reasonable. A list of potential upcoming service issues (like worn tires ) was also provided.

Richard thank you for allowing us to service the vehicle and really happy we were able to get the noise taken care of. Hope to see you next service Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 10/10/2017

affordable fast great job.

Thank you Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 10/10/2017

Great service as always!

5 Primarily Japanese 10/10/2017

I take both my Nissan Xterra and Ford Explorer there. Exceptional customer Service and highly recommend Primarily Japanese (even for other makes).

Thank you for letting us service your vehicles and the kind words. See you next service Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 10/10/2017

As usual I am 100% satisfied. I totally trust this business, they have always been honest and fair. Thank-you

It was nice seeing you and enjoy your trip! Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 10/4/2017

Been counting on the team at Primarily Japanese for 3 years now on a number of vehicles and love their no nonsense, fair approach and concierge’esque service.

Thank you and best of luck with your new building Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 10/4/2017

brought the car in with an idleing issue. was told that there would also be a 28 point inspection done at the time. seems, at this point, the idle issue has been improved. was told that a part would be needed in the future and that i would receive an email addressing the cost to replace it. no email. not sure if the inspection was done. there is no record of that on my receipt. people are helpful and professional but i'm not sure about the follow thru.

4 Primarily Japanese 10/4/2017

We had taken my wife's Subaru to the Subaru dealership a while ago and had a lot of work done including replacing the power steering belt. After we got it back the belt squeaked like crazy. It was obvious something they had done probably caused the new squeak. They adjusted the belt and the noise went away for a couple months. Then it came back so we took it back. They told us the power steering pump was bad and the new belt needed replaced. They wanted over $900. I thought this sounded pretty strange so we took it to Primarily Japanese and they found a loose bolt and checked the belt and it was fine. It cost less than $100.

Thank you for allowing us to service your vehicle. Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 9/25/2017