Very satisfied first-time customer. No high-pressure service gimmicks nor sales here. Thank you!

5 Primarily Japanese 6/22/2017

Great service!

5 Primarily Japanese 6/22/2017

I always feel like that after you work on my car I have no concerns that my wife will not have a problem.I have always been treated fair and things were done right Thank You

4.5 Primarily Japanese 6/22/2017

Always a pleasure to do service with primarily Japanese.

5 Primarily Japanese 6/22/2017

Same good service as usual.

5 Primarily Japanese 6/21/2017

Car originally promised at end of drop off day but no communication to me was made. I called shortly before closing to find that wrong valve gaskets were sent and job was not done and would take another day. Valve gasket job was completed but car was then kept over weekend to further diagnose under carriage noise. I was called and told some bolts were tightened and noise seemed to be gone. I arranged ride on Monday am to pick up car, then did test drive with mechanic and found very obvious noise still present. Had to leave car for another 2 days to fix. Mechanic should have found bad shock problem with his test drive if he did one. First time customer, long time Dan's Toy Shop customer looking for better shop communication to customer - not impressed with Primarily Japanese based on this experience. Not sure I'll be back or recommend.

John after looking at the lack of communications over the past few you are completely correct on your review. I must apologize for the issues you have described and have already verified the policies that were not followed with your paperwork. Once again I'm very sorry and will also be calling you to see if there is anything else we can do better in the future. Thank you Joe Johnson Primarily Japanese
3 Primarily Japanese 6/21/2017


Kim thank you for bringing your Tacoma in for us to service. Hopefully will see you in the future for the recommendations. Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 6/21/2017

Good communication and satisfactory service.

Suzanne thank you for your review an if there is anything we could do better please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you Joe Johnson Primarily Japanese
4.5 Primarily Japanese 6/19/2017

Primarily Japanese was able to successfully diagnose and fix a tricky ignition issue that I had with my 98 Accord. This safety issue is now fixed just in time for the heat of summer and at a reasonable price.

Charles really glad we found the problem. Have a good summer!!!!! Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 6/19/2017

We are very happy with the service we received at Primarily Japanese. We had an unexpected breakdown and previously used a garage that could not take care of us for several days. We called Primarily Japanese and they took care of us right away in a very professional manner. We will continue to use them for regular maintenance based on our experience.

Cheri thank you for letting us service your daughters Prius. Once again really impressed she didn't just keep driving when all the warning lights came on when the hybrid water pump quit. Things could have gotten really expensive fast. Thank you again Primarily Japanese
5 Primarily Japanese 6/18/2017